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Frequently Asked Questions

Serving Thornton, Westminster, Broomfield​, & Surrounding Areas

Is Code Blue Carpet Cleaning licensed and insured?

The State of Colorado does not license carpet, tile or upholstery cleaning, however Code Blue Carpet Cleaning is an IICRC Certified Firm.  We have invested the time in education and training to assure our clients that we are properly trained to clean the various types of carpet fibers, fabrics, and tile/stone in the market today.   We also carry full liability insurance to give you the peace of mind needed when we enter your home or office.

How does Code Blue Carpet Cleaning charge for its services?

Code Blue Carpet Cleaning charges our carpet cleaning by the square foot, however we only charge for the actual area we clean.  Do you have furniture in the room you will not be moving prior to our arrival?  We will subtract the size of the furniture from the total square feet so you are not being charged for areas that are not cleaned.  We do not charge for spot removal, pre-spray or deodorizing.  There is not a trip charge, environmental dump fee, and we do not charge extra for lighter colored carpet.

What additional charges does Code Blue Carpet Cleaning have?

In general the only additional fees Code Blue Carpet Cleaning charges for are areas saturated with pet urine, spots resulting from ink or red spills, tannin stains (coffee and mustard) .and extremely soiled carpeting.  We pride ourselves on not having hidden fees.   We do not charge extra for most of our spotting procedures.

Does Code Blue Carpet Cleaning move furniture?

Code Blue Carpet Cleaning will move furniture within limits.  Prior to our arrival we ask you remove as much furniture as practical.  We understand that space in a home is limited.  If there is a couch, sofa, and/or chair that cannot be moved due to space restrictions and you would like the carpet underneath them cleaned, we can move those items at no additional charge.  We cannot move entertainment centers, china hutches, computers desk, and armoires.  Beds and dressers can be moved at an additional charge.

How does Code Blue Carpet Cleaning schedule appointments?

We understand your time is valuable!  When we schedule your service appointment we do not give appointment windows (i.e. between 2pm-4pm).  Appointments are scheduled at a specific time.  If we schedule an appointment for 1 pm we usually arrive several minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time.  If we are running behind due to our previous appointment we will call ahead and let you know what our adjusted arrival time will be.  Rarely are we late but we do not rush one appointment to make the next appointment.  We will not sacrifice quality! 

How does Code Blue Carpet Cleaning price upholstery cleaning?

Furniture size, construction, and shape can vary drastically.  As a result it is extremely difficult to estimate to cost to clean upholstery over the phone.  There are general guidelines we follow for pricing upholstery; however a firm price will require an onsite consultation.    Be wary of companies that price upholstery cleaning over the phone.

Does Code Blue Carpet Cleaning offer same day service and is there an additional charge?

Code Blue Carpet Cleaning does offer same day service and in general there is no additional charge.  If you need a last minute appointment do not hesitate to call us.  Depending on our schedule and the time our services are needed there may be an additional charge.  If we have to call additional technicians to accommodate your needs a service charge may apply. 

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